Cook Island, Tweed Heads, QLD, Australia

Well the love of Photography and Diving would eventually lead to an Underwater housing for one of my cameras.  This is my first time out with new Canon G1X MKII.  I did lot of research from Compact Camera, to Olympus Micro 4/3s to Digital SLR and finally decided on the G1X MKII for the fact that the chip is nearly the same size as Nikon DX Digital SLR and you are given a fantastic 24mm F2.0 wide-angle as your starting point.  Zoom up to 120mm may because useful for video, plus a 5cm Macro focusing mode. All this with a MF focusing zoom mode at 2X or 4X lead along with dedicated underwater white balance setting and an economic package 1/3 the cost of just a Digital SLR housing alone, meant this is a great choice!

Also this camera has a hotshoe and optical fibre TTL flash connections so a dedicated strobe can be added at some pont.

The photos and video attached are straight from camera, shot in RAW + JPG) (These are the straight JPEGS from Camera) with no post editing, so it shows the strength of the Canon’s underwater White Balance system.

Lastly this was in 5-8metre depth with good sunlight, no flash, ISO 800.  I wasn’t able to get tack sharp photos because I was fighting a Surge at the time, but the Optical Image Stabilisation and Autofocus did a pretty amazing job, none the less!







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