Kiama, NSW, Australia

These photos were taken on the NSW coast, south of Sydney in a little town called Kiama.  I stayed here in May 2013 at The Sebel Kiama, which is a nice pleasant Hotel right on the door step of the town harbour.   Very comfortable rooms and, quiet and away from any main roads, veryContinue reading “Kiama, NSW, Australia”

Foxy Bean Brisbane

Coffee Shop by Day, Tapas Bar and Live Music by night, great place for casual drinks with friends and tasty Tapas.  Live music every Fri / Sat makes for a great a way to relax and enjoy quiet an atmospheric spot for your  music, food and rum. Did I mention they have their own KrackenContinue reading “Foxy Bean Brisbane”

Casterton Vic, Australia Hay Bales

After a flight from Brisbane to Adelaide (2000km) then a long 5hr drive to just the other side of the SA / VIC Border I stumbled past this paddock with Hay Bales at about 8:30pm on a Monday nite.  I actually drove past it for about 5 km before I decided, nope that looked likeContinue reading “Casterton Vic, Australia Hay Bales”

Cinqua Terre – Five Lands, Italy

Walk the Cinqua Terre – Five Towns or Five Lands, and enjoy the magical five towns.  Each village has its own subelties that make each beautiful and worth checking out.  If your not up for the approx. 10km walk you can catch the train the links each village for just a few euro.

Black and White Photography

Next time your travelling, think of photo opportunities that will make great Black and White Photos.  Its easy to change to BW in Photoshop or Light-room or even on your ipad but its not possible to turn BW to colour photo easily.  So my tip is to think about how the light is falling andContinue reading “Black and White Photography”